Car Detailer VS Conventional Car Wash

Detailing a Car VS Cleaning a Car

Car detailing VS Car wash

Have you ever thought about the difference between cleaning your car in a car wash VS cleaning your car in a professional detailer? Well, in this article im going to break down the pros and cons of each and finally see whether your car needs a car detailing or if it needs a simple car wash.

First, we need to understand what a car wash is and the time it takes VS what a car detailing service is.

What is a Car Wash?

A car wash is a place where you can clean the surface of your car in both interior and exterior. Its important to say that the car wash is really efficient in a matter of time. You can get in the car wash and leave in less than 30 minutes. 

Car Detailing Service

A car detailing service offers a more exclusive but more expensive service that will make your car cleaner and look better. A car detailing service can sometimes be an investment because of the products used to protect each part of the vehicle (exterior, headlights, mirrors, interior, leather, seats, steering wheel, center console etc.) It also takes more time but it doesn’t require of the drivers presence.

Some Things Detailers do that Car Washes don’t

  1. Firstly, Car detailers focus on the details like wheels, brakes, headlights, etc.
  2. Car detailers have the ability to make your vehicle retain its value and in some cases, it can also increase the vehicle’s value.
  3. Car Detailers can protect your vehicle paint by applying a ceramic coating.
  4. Car Detailers can correct your vehicle’s paint by eliminating scratches or dents.
  5. Car Detailers care about you and your vehicle, by doing a great job and using the best brands.


Now that you know some differences about the car wash and a car detailer, which one are you really looking for? If your goal is to clean the car for 20$ then your choice should be a car wash but instead if your goal is to make your car look clean and potentially preserve it’s value then a car detailer should be your first choice and for less than $500 you can have a great service done to your vehicle. Book your car detailing appointment NOW!

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