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8 Essentials for a Thorough Mobile Detailing

Mobile detailing equipment is essential for car detailers in Richmond VA looking to complete their mobile detailing jobs faster and more efficiently. There are many different mobiles detailing tools that can be used, but which ones should you keep in your mobile detailing kit? This blog post will cover the 8 essentials for a thorough mobile detailing job.

Pressure Washer

Many mobile detailers like to use pressure washers when completing a mobile detailing project, and for a good reason. A pressure washer is a potent tool that can strip off dirt and dust from any surface in no time at all. Pressure washing your car before you even start to hand wash it will ensure no dirt is left behind. Hand tools such as a wash mitt can’t remove dirt from tight areas, but a pressure washer does. Pressure washing your car before each detail will also ensure that no dirt or grime is being pushed into the paint from the ground when drying your vehicle after rinsing it off.

A pressure washer is a necessary mobile detailing equipment.

Water Cannon/Nozzle

A water cannon is a great tool to have if you’re working on a car that will be sitting in direct sunlight or if any tight spots need extra rinsing from the pressure washer. The water cannon can be attached to your pressure washer and provide a smooth stream of water at any angle. This eliminates the need for you to bend over backward trying to get stubborn dirt off your car. Never use the pressure washer’s detergent dispenser when using this tool, only water.

A water cannon is excellent for removing dirt in tight areas or on surfaces too hot to touch.

Wash Mitt

Using a wash mitt for hand washing is essential, as it will remove grime from your car’s surface better than any other tool on the market could. A quality wash mitt shouldn’t be too thin or too thick and should have a sewn-in grip that helps prevent slippage. Wash mitts also help you keep a firm grip on your car as they can be very slippery. Using a wash mitt with a soap solution will give you the best results.

Wash mitts are essential for hand washing your vehicle.

Clay Bar

Clay bars are the secret to creating a flawless surface on your car’s paintwork. Sticky contaminants such as rail dust, tar, bugs, and overspray will cling to your car’s clear coat, no matter how much you rinse your vehicle. The surface of these contaminants prevents waxes and sealants from bonding to the paint, therefore leaving an ugly finish behind. Using a clay bar will remove any pollutant stuck to your car’s clear coat, creating a smooth surface that accepts waxes and sealants much easier than before.

Clay bars remove contaminants such as rail dust and overspray from your car’s clear coat.

Dual Action Polisher

A dual-action polisher is a great tool to use when completing your final paint correction steps. Dual-action polishers are much safer than rotary buffers because they have exposed rotating heads. Rotary buffers can spin much faster and burn through paint much easier. A flexible backing plate allows the user to apply more or less pressure on the head according to the task at hand. This tool helps remove marring, swirls, and micro-fine scratches left behind after using a clay bar.

With the help of a flexible backing plate, dual-action polishers are safe for beginners.

Microfiber Towels

Using microfiber towels is by far the best way to dry your car after washing it. They absorb more water than terry cloth towels and dry much faster. It is essential to use quality microfiber towels as they are less prone to scratching your paintwork. The best way to wash microfibers is with the rest of your laundry, not by hand or in a washing machine. When using microfiber towels to dry off your car after washing it, always blot the surface rather than wiping it. This means dabbing at any water spots instead of smearing them around.

This mobile detailing equipment will prevent excess water spots on your car.

Foam Gun

Some auto detailers use foam guns to wash their vehicles in place of a bucket and hose. While this is faster than traditional rinsing, it is much more wasteful. A foam gun sprays your car with suds that cling to your car’s surface instead of running off into the ground. This allows for much less water to be used when washing since a bucket and hose must be used for rinsing purposes. While a foam gun is a great tool, every person doesn’t need to own it.

A foam gun is excellent for saving time but can be expensive and wasteful if not correctly maintained.

Vacuum Cleaner

A proper detailing job requires a clean surface for waxes, sealants, and glazes to bond with. Even if you thoroughly rinse your car beforehand, dust particles can still cling to your paintwork from being on the road every day. A vacuum cleaner is an essential tool that sucks up any dust particles clinging to your vehicle. A vacuum with a soft brush roll is the best option for detailing purposes, especially when cleaning sensitive areas like leather interiors.

This mobile detailing equipment will help you suck up any dirt or grime on your car’s surface.

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